Traffic Monitoring

Fibroptix provides clients access to the monitoring of their devices and traffic here.

Speed Testing

Fibroptix provides a web based speed test server to allow its clients to test their internet speed. It is located at Please note that testing link speed through a web browser is not an accurate way to validate performance, it is meant to provide a quick glance at link capacity.

Network Status

A WordPress site, hosted outside our network, is available here for quick updates in the event of a large scale network outage.

Looking Glass

Run ping, trace and other tests from within our network. Click here to get real-time results on latency and paths between a given IP and our network.

Network Maps

The Fibroptix network spans the globe and we can provide connectivity across the world.

The organisation achieves this with it's own network in it's three primary markets: Montreal, Toronto and New York City; and through it's NNI's (Network to Network Interface) with countless worldwide partners. The maps found on this page are meant to be a reference only and do not represent the whole of the Fibroptix network. Please contact our sales department to validate service availability or if you have any questions.

Montreal On-Net Buildings

Montreal Wireless Coverage

Montreal Wireless Network

Toronto On-Net Buildings

Toronto Wireless Coverage

Fibroptix Fiber Backbone

Redundancy Through Geo-Diversity

In order to maintain the highest level of redundancy and uptime, Fibroptix purchases internet transit from three different providers in three different cities, and operates it's own fiber ring between those cities.
This fiber ring, spanning over 2000 kilometers, when combined with our MX series Juniper Routers, allows us to guarantee 100% internet uptime.
The network is engineered to provides High Availability against large scale disasters such as floods or storms, and ensures that our clients will remain unimpacted by simultaneous outages from up to two of our three upstream providers.

The graphs below represent internet service availability for each of the three cities. The first one is our BGP router connected to Hurricane Electric, located at 60 Hudson in New York City. The second is our Intelliquent router located at 1250 Rene-Levesque in Montreal, and the third is our Cogent router located at 151 Front St. in Toronto.

Uptime Report for Hurricane (NYC): Last 30 days Uptime Report for Inteliquent (MTL): Last 30 days Uptime Report for Cogent (TOR): Last 30 days