Free online back-ups

Fibroptix is proud to offer every customer the award winning ZEROFAIL online backup solution at no charge. ZEROFAIL's Online Backup solution is the most comprehensive data protection system available to corporate and professional services companies on the market today. Its ease of use and reliability ensures that important business and personal data is protected and is readily available when needed, 24/7.This solution has been deployed to thousands of users worldwide and has a proven track record, successfully backing up key data globally for many years.


  • - Does not require user intervention.
  • - No need to change tapes DVD's or other medias.
  • - Remote backups maintain data offsite.


* This promotion includes a free account on the ZerofailBackups platform, as well as 100GB of storage. Additional storage will be invoiced at the rate indicated on the ZerofailBackups web-site.